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Fall 2018 Add-Ons
2015 Mad Love California Cabernet Sauvignon
Mad Love Cabernet Sauvignon is our rare find that we want to share with you. With aromas of black raspberries, vanilla and cocoa and flavors of black cherries and sugar plums, this wine is definitely a Mad Love for us and we hope you too!
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SKU: 1065
2016 New Crush California Moscato

New Crush Moscato is a delicious, sweet white wine with flavors of apple and pear. It finishes with a taste of honey and a perfect blend of sweetness.

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SKU: 1073
Easy Tiger Pinkies Up Wine Glass

A wine glass from Easy Tiger that helps you mind your (fancy) manners. Holds: 16 oz. (In geometry, we called that "enough volume to have a good time.")

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SKU: 1072
2014 Mad Love Arroyo Seco Chardonnay

Mad Love Chardonnay is our rare find that we want to share with you. With aromas of lime zest, floral and notes of pear and grapefruit, this bright fruitful chardonnay has a soft mouth feel and a creamy finish making it our Mad Love.

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SKU: 1064
Pure Cosmetics Push Button Pure Illumination Light Up Lip Gloss in Party Girl Pink

Beautiful conditioning lip gloss with a natural-based formula and LED-lit applicator with a chic side mirror for easy application on the go! 

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SKU: 1060
Pure Cosmetics Blushing Bronzer

Get radiant glowing skin with this blushing bronzer by Pure Cosmetics.  This powder delivers a natural glow and instant contouring for a gorgeous glow no matter the time of year!

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SKU: 1063


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